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ChatGPT in E-commerce

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ChatGPT, this new artificial intelligence tool, allows for the rapid creation of content. Launched by OpenAI in 2022, its goal is to “help by answering your questions and providing information.” Impressive, right?

Two years later, the tool has become indispensable, capable of simulating near-human conversations on a multitude of topics. This new generation AI has made a significant impact on various markets, especially the digital one, revolutionizing interactions between humans and machines.

A New Era?

ChatGPT pushes the boundaries of human-machine communication, experiencing exponential growth with nearly 100 million users in 2023, up from just 1 million in November 2022.

Available 24/7 online and as an app, it provides information, assists in writing, or serves as a virtual “friend.” At first glance, these interactions appear safe and non-judgmental, potentially offering psychological benefits.

From a content creation and inspiration standpoint, ChatGPT can boost creativity and projects. No more writer’s block or hours spent drafting a cover letter or finding answers to technical questions online.

How Does This New AI Work?

Similar to a traditional messaging service with history and various conversations, users input their prompt in the text bar at the bottom of the screen. T

The functionality of AI is based on the deep learning model: an artificial reconstruction of the neurological functioning of a human brain, relying on associations between names and images. This means the tool makes connections through trial and error: you submit a request, and it responds by using and combining information found across the web. Depending on your feedback, it will assimilate new information, allowing it to respond more precisely. The more information you provide, the longer and more accurate its responses become. Regular updates continuously improve the relevance of its answers, making it increasingly capable of adapting to your preferences and needs.

Our Best Enemy: Concerns and Worries

As with any technological advancement, ChatGPT raises questions, particularly about its impact on employment, the economy, and human reflection.

Creatively, while useful for drafting content, its reliability is debated. On security, submitting detailed queries could expose sensitive information, raising privacy and GDPR compliance concerns. The potential for data leaks and reuse in new databases is also worrying.

According to Goldman Sachs, 300 million full-time jobs globally, especially in legal, administrative, and customer service sectors, could be threatened by AI automation. Yet, no AI currently matches human sensitivity in responses. The textual structures of tools like ChatGPT, Bard, Siri, and Alexa are similar, often lacking depth and sensitivity, which are crucial for nuanced and coherent storytelling.

ChatGPT at ATI4?

Delphine, Magento Developer:

“I choose not to use ChatGPT for ethical reasons. I disagree with their values, copyright controversies, and GDPR non-compliance.

Currently, I think we can manage without ChatGPT, but as with any new technology, it may become indispensable, like the GAFAMs.

I don’t fear that ChatGPT will replace my job as a web developer anytime soon. For now, it’s simply an aid, and it’ll take a long time before it can completely replace us.”

Julien, Full-Stack Magento Developer:

“Of course, I use ChatGPT daily but less frequently now. I often use it to resolve new tickets and for initial site fixes. ChatGPT is great for learning Magento, especially for beginners.

It’s not essential for developers but helps understand the core of the job and assists in automation. I’m not worried about my job in the coming years because ChatGPT remains a robot; it can’t analyze bugs or evolve like humans. It only performs simple tasks, so we’ll always need humans to understand clients’ specific needs.”

Find out what’s new at the company.

Because mixing fun and work is at the heart of our philosophy, we always try to make a special place for it in our business life. 

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