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Our partners.

Each one of us has our own set of skills and field expertise, but it’s in coming together that we show our strength and performance. This is why we made the choice to turn our partners into authentic allies for the benefit of our clients. 

Photo d'une partie de l'équipe Ati4

We are experts working with more experts.

To provide high-quality solutions tailored to the needs of each client, ATI4 chooses to only work with experts in their own specific fields. It is a whole ecosystem that we built around us with many advantages. This strategic approach indeed allows us to ensure that our clients would only have to deal with specialists working on their projects. 

It’s also an opportunity for us to stay updated in the digital world thanks to those mutually beneficial partnerships and the common projects that occur within this ecosystem. It allows us to focus on our Ecommerce and Magento expertise

our partners


Technical partners 

Our technical partners pick up where our own fields of expertise leave off within a true alliance dedicated to our clients. 

Logo Hyvä Supplier

Helping a client grow its Ecommerce strategy also requires choosing the best technical solutions. These last few years, Hyvä made a name for itself by revolutionizing stack technology as the native Magento theme – albeit powerful – didn’t progress sufficiently for us. Hyvä impressively reduces by 20 the weight of JS files, and by 10 the weight of stylesheets… We are glad and proud of being official Hyvä partners.  

For the Ecommerce stores of our clients and to provide their customers with the best experience, we choose Hyvä

Performance for our clients.
Logo partenaire Vuxe

VUXE is a digital strategy consulting agency focused on philanthropy, fundraising, and sustainable communication. We collaborate with them on a few client projects and entrust them with the visual mockups of our digital projects.

Design, Strategy, Motion UX/UI
Logo partenaire Studio Seja

Studio Seja is a creative digital agency expert in designing fresh and unique-looking websites via WordPress but also in communication with content writing and durable SEO. It is them who designed the new version of our own website.

Studio SEJA
WordPress, SEO & Content writing
Logo partenaire Absolunet

Valtech_Absolunet is a professional services company focused on Ecommerce and digital transformation. They are Adobe Ecommerce experts who assist us on international projects. Since they are operating from Canada, it allows us to cover a time slot of 18 hours.

Adobe Commerce Co-development
Logo Adobe

We have close contact with the editor of the Magento solution with access to human and technical resources as a Bronze Solution Partner. They also support our Magento Academy.

Adobe editor
Bronze Solution Partner
Logo partenaire OpenGento

Open Gento is a French association as defined by the 1901 legislation whose purpose is to hold Ecommerce events for the development community. It allows us to communicate with our peers, share best practices, and promote open-source solutions such as Magento. 

Open Gento
Magento association

Institutional partners

We are proud to introduce our institutional partners as together we build long-term employment solutions within our region. 

Logo partenaire Qualiopi

Qualiopi is the only certification for training organizations. It’s a long process that involved working on more than 32 indicators. Every year, we are audited by a certification organization accredited by the COFRAC. 

It ensures quality for our clients.

We are Qualiopi-certified!
Logo partenaire Numeric Emploi

Numeum is France’s leading professional digital organization and our partner in joint digital initiatives. Together, we are building a sustainable digital environment.

Numeric’ Emploi and the Grand Est region
Event partner, digital training
Logo partenaire Marque Alsace

Being a Marque Alsace partner is above all to promote our region! Jetzt geht’s los!

Marque Alsace
Proud of our region!


Our client credentials represent the achievement of outstanding projects in which we invested our expertise, determination, sense of sharing, and passion. We are proud to give them a special place in our ecosystem. 

Logo client Afflelou

Affelou is a major French company and a leader in the optical field. We assisted them on matters such as maintenance and upgrades, and also in helping them develop their B2B Magento 2 platform in Europe.

International B2B Ecommerce
Logo client Uniwax

Uniwax is a wax fabrics manufacturing company based in Côte d’Ivoire. We have been managing their Côte d’Ivoire online store and helped them open their USA store at the end of 2022.

International retail
Logo client

Transactief is a travel agency specializing in themed sports trips. We implemented for them an Ecommerce solution with an online sales catalog and many custom options.

Catalog and Ecommerce modules
Logo Le Festif

Le Festif is a national committed music festival in Canada for whom we designed a showcase solution with program management and user experience optimization using advanced technologies.

Le Festif
Management solution / Customer experience
Logo client Esthederm

We were involved in the creation of a French core model to deploy in 12 countries for the multi-brand corporation Bioderma, Pure, and Esthederm. Using an identical core model, we provided a solution that met the special requirements of all countries involved. 

Esthederm Institute, NAOS brand
Core model / International deployment
Logo client Saint Louis

The Compagnie des Cristalleries de Saint-Louis is a French crystal manufacturer founded in 1586. After auditing the code and suggesting infrastructure upgrades, we migrated their solution to the latest Magento version. 

Cristallerie Saint-Louis, Hermès brand
Audit and Magento 2 migration

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Lines of business
Retail and Services

The ongoing growth targeted by international industries is a reality that relies on several performance levers such as the Ecommerce field.

The industry has indeed special needs that require the help of an experimented Ecommerce partner. This partner must understand the need to deploy a solution that goes beyond plain online selling.

ATI4 Group has experience in deploying management solutions in the industry sector and knows how to implement an efficient and transversal Ecommerce solution to an existing environment. Ecommerce perfectly integrates with the industrial ERP/MES solution as, for instance: bi-directional interfaces for stock management, supplies monitoring, or even the nomenclatures of products to manufacture.

In an ever-digitalizing international scene, Ecommerce represents a real opportunity for players in the pharmaceutical industry.

This professional sector differs from the others because of its strict regulatory framework that varies depending on the products or the countries involved. Processing of its technical and sensible data must therefore be supervised by a specialized Ecommerce partner.

Thanks to our experience in the online pharmaceutical field, we can help our clients implement an Ecommerce solution ideally suited to their constraints and demands, but also to help them deploy worldwide.

Because the retail & services sector is the foundation of trade, we decided to turn it into one of our core lines of business.

As the final step in the distribution of products and services, this essential field asks for key performance levers that will help businesses respond better to their prospects’ demands.

In 2022, 83% of consumers believed that the future of shopping is plural. The importance of Ecommerce is stronger than ever before.

Magento 2

We design our “front-end” graphic developments mainly using the Hyvä theme. This theme was intended to reduce the development time of your online Magento 2 store while ensuring the best performances.

Our developers use this theme daily and we diligently follow any news and update that comes up. Hyvä allows us to build your Ecommerce site using next-generation technologies such as Tailwind CSS and Alpine.js.

If you have questions concerning the Hyvä development of your online store, please reach us! Using real-life examples, we will explain to you the potential gains to be achieved through this solution.

Magento 2 is the Ecommerce CMS that we use and implement daily for our clients. Magento is available both in open-source and licensed versions. Our team will help you find out which version is better suited to your needs.

Magento 2 is a complete solution that natively offers countless features tailored for merchants with large catalogs and a growing volume of orders. The Magento solution has everything you need to launch your Ecommerce business and is powerful enough to help you grow in the future.

We are partners to the Magento solution and our team is certified by the editor.


Because our support goes beyond our technical assistance, we use our expertise and our skills to advise you and bring you high-performance solutions. We offer our clients functional solutions such as:

– Advising on matters such as graphic redesign, infrastructure change, or omnichannel deployment

– Analysing how your website operates and implementing an UX / UI approach

– Improving your rankings on search engines by enhancing the SEO / SEA communication of your website

– Tracking the progress of your online presence using indicators such as Google Analytics and Google My Business

– Defining areas of improvement with immediate ROI

– Leading the project and including your team in a SCRUM framework cycle

– Training your teams on the use of web tools as well as the implemented Ecommerce back-office

– Helping you write the functional specifications and identify your needs.

To support you through all your Ecommerce needs and allow you to safely develop your online business, we offer technical solutions such as:

– Conducting a global analysis of your website along with auditing the code

– Planning an international deployment while integrating sector/country-related constraints

– Migrating your Ecommerce version in a secure way by planning the security patches’ update

– Stabilizing your platform and implementing fixes for immediate gains

– Guiding you through the creation or redesign project of a new site

– Maintaining operational conditions and helping you understand the infrastructure

– Developing and maintaining your Ecommerce site with application maintenance contracts