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From Ekiden to Trail.

The ATI4 team is a community of enthusiasts who believe in the power of self-improvement, collaboration, and teamwork. These convictions extend beyond office hours; they guide our actions outside of this framework, demonstrating our commitment to these principles!

Photo promotionnelle trail ATI4
Photo promotionnelle trail ATI4

What is your time for 5 km ?

A relay marathon !

L’EKIDEN 2023.

In early 2023, several members of the team are motivated to participate in a relay marathon: the Strasbourg EKIDEN. The challenge is a Japanese-origin running event, held annually in the heart of Strasbourg, during Japan Week. The event approaches and 5 people sign up to represent ATI4 Group.

April 3 arrives: here we are. The weather is not ideal: it’s cloudy and cold. But the crowd is there, creating a great atmosphere!

In total, 42 kilometers await us. Among the 6 participants, distances of 5 km, 10 km, and 7 km are distributed. And it’s with great success that our athletes completed their first challenge in less than 4 hours. A beautiful moment and a first for the ATI4 team.

Image promotionnelle de l'EKIDEN de Strasbourg 2024.

L’EKIDEN 2024.

Because one participation is not enough for us, here we are about to embark on a new edition under the sun, one year later.

Once again, our goals are clear: to surpass ourselves, push the limits we set the previous year, and cross the finish line together !

Photo promotionnelle trail ATI4

A team race

The ruée des Fadas 2023.

everything shifts towards expertise

Our first trail.

A first goal achieved.

In October 2023: La Savoureuse, the Belfort trail.

Or 13km, positive elevation gain of 600m and altitude of 969m. A race starting from Giromagny, passing through Mont Rouchon and Col du Chantoiseau to the Col du Mont Jean.

Photo promotionnelle trail ATI4
Photo promotionnelle trail ATI4

Telethon Trail 2023

On Sunday, December 3, 2023, our athletes braved the cold and snow to participate in the Telethon Trail. With a thermometer at -3 degrees Celsius, their determination was put to the test, confronting them with a real challenge over 21km!

The trail, organized in the municipality of Buhl in Haut-Rhin, brought together several athletes and schoolchildren for its 26th edition.

A great mobilization to support research and fundraising to help people affected by these rare genetic diseases! 🧡

Photo promotionnelle trail ATI4

Our upcoming trail schedule.

  • Grand Vosges Challenge Trail, 43 km and 1500m elevation gain in April 2024.
  • Celtic Trail, 50 km and 2000m elevation gain in May 2024.

Want to join the sports team ?

Send us your application and take part in future challenges!