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Our missions.

To help our clients extend their growth and their reach, we provide two kinds of solutions: technical and functional missions

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An efficient and transversal Ecommerce service.

With its exponential numbers of users and its distribution all around the globe, the web has become through the years one of the main assets for merchants and industries of all kinds. In 2022, 83% of consumers believed that the future of shopping is plural. The importance of websites and particularly Ecommerce is stronger than ever before.  

Thanks to our work experience and case studies, we know that it is crucial to offer multi-faceted and transversal assistance to our clients. We know that operating on several levels is critical to a successful Ecommerce strategy. This is why we provide a broad spectrum of services on which we rely to develop your Ecommerce

Ecommerce made 4 you.

The motto chosen by our team to define what we offer: services made for you. 

our solutions


Technical missions

Technical auditing

We assess your Ecommerce website’s performance and technical quality to detect potential technical issues and then solve them to achieve an optimized user experience.   

The auditing of your website is the most important step of your project as it allows you to understand how it works and provides you with key performance indicators. 

Analyzing your site’s loading speed, code quality, security, browser compatibility, and SEO optimization will improve your conversion rate

National and international automated deployment 

We automate your Ecommerce site’s deployment on several environments on a national and international level. In addition to providing you with a multilingual solution, this step allows you to deploy specific versions depending on the country or state to help you tailor your services to your target markets

Our solution covers parameter settings, translation management, and the implementation of a content management system on your website.  

Benefit from our experience to deploy your core model in an automated way! 

Migrating and securing your Magento site 

We transfer and update your website while securing the data collected

We analyze your needs in features and performance, plan the migration and perform regular data and security backups to ensure a stable and durable platform. This procedure allows for better browser compatibility as well as a simplified user experience.  

Development project

Imagine your project with us and we will build it together. 

Our team of experts will offer you a tailored solution based on the expectations, needs, and goals of your company. 

This solution involves writing the specifications, designing a unique technical architecture, and developing custom features using extension systems and a set of tests to check your site’s quality and performance.  

Our projects are carried out by a team of senior PHP and/or Magento developers. 


AM/Operational maintenance 

We maintain and enhance your online store’s performance through our AM (Application Management) and operational and curative maintenance missions. We correct bugs, update components and modules, and add new features. It allows you to keep your website always in a functional and operational state to better answer the needs of your customers. 

Evolutive maintenance 

Our team is here to help you upgrade your website. 

Our evolutive maintenance solution allows us to improve your website’s features and enhance its performance



Functional missions

Ecommerce consultancy

Our experts are your partners of choice in the definition and implementation of an Ecommerce strategy that will meet your expectations. 

We help companies grow their business within an Ecommerce field that can be tough. From marketing strategies to reporting tools and market trends, our team of experts will work with you to increase your activity and online presence.  

Our mission involves analyzing the goals and needs of your brand to provide you with the most suited solutions and implement an action plan with monitoring of the results. 

UX/UI analysis and guidelines 

Let us help you imagine a smooth and intuitive user experience. 

We guide our clients through the user experience enhancement of their website’s interface. By studying the behavior of your customers, we are able to detect sticking points and issues. We can thus provide you with an optimized solution that will improve your website’s user experience. 

Our team will assist you from the website’s auditing and prototyping to the implementation of user tests. 

SEO/SEA analytics  

Achieve greater visibility and track your results. 

We help you improve your company’s visibility through your website’s rankings on the internet. Keywords analysis, on-page optimization, campaigns, and data monitoring will allow you to understand and improve the search engine rankings of your website. 

Magento Academy training

The leading technical solution that is Magento 2 unfortunately suffers from a glass ceiling phenomenon preventing integrators from accessing resources.  

To solve this issue, ATI4 designed a training program named the “Magento Academy”. 

Our Qualiopi-certified Magento training center aims to improve the skills of businesses’ development teams but also to train our future co-workers. It is an 11-week (400h) course to become a Magento 2 developer. 

This initiative is supported by the Grand Est region, by Numérique Emploi, and also by the Adobe editor. 

We have trained a total of 10 trainees with a success rate of 90%. To this day, these developers have all come to strengthen our team. This initiative is supported and promoted by the editor toward all national integrators. 

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While having thorough experience in sectors such as sports, retail, and industry, we can assist clients from every professional field.


We treat the projects of all our clients with the same care and expertise to bring them a unique and high-quality digital solution.  

Alain Afflelou
Audit and Consultancy / International deployment / Magento 2 migration / Maintenance and upgrades
Magento 2
Cristallerie Saint-Louis (HERMES brand)
Audit and Consultancy / Magento 2 migration
Magento 2
Retail and Services
Urban Painters
Magento 2
Maintenance and upgrades / Platform redesign
Retail and Services
Uniwax (Vlisco brand)
Audit and Consultancy / International deployment / Maintenance and upgrades / Platform redesign
Hyvä / Magento 2
Retail and Services
Moulin Roty
Audit and Consultancy / Magento 2 migration / Platform redesign
Magento 2
Retail and Services
International deployment / Maintenance and upgrades
Magento 2
Le Festif!
Gatsby / Prismic / Tailwind
International deployment / Platform redesign
Retail and Services
International deployment / Platform redesign
Retail and Services
Audit and Consultancy / International deployment / Magento 2 migration / Maintenance and upgrades
Magento 2
Retail and Services
Department of Hérault
Audit and Consultancy / Magento 2 migration
Magento 2
Retail and Services

frenquently asked questions

Something in mind?

We have listed here the most frequently asked questions from our clients.

If you can’t find your answer, don’t hesitate to contact us

Can you operate outside of Strasbourg, France?

Our agency is located in Strasbourg, but our clients are in Côte d’Ivoire, Canada, or even simply all over France. As it happens, one of our areas of expertise is the national and international expansion of our clients. We are perfectly able to operate and assist you outside of your localization. 

The service I’m looking for isn’t listed on this page, what can you do?

We might have listed all the main missions that we cover for our clients, but that does not mean that we don’t have the expertise to take care of your project.  

Indeed, we are used to involving our partners who are experts on matters and features that we are less familiar with. 

We set our minds to creating an ecosystem so that our clients would only have to deal with experts in their own field. 

If you have any specific demand or question, please contact us and one of our experts will get in touch.